Earth Made Soaps

By keeping our ingredients this close to nature, you end up having your own unique experience with our products. Thanks to the natural biodegradable cycle of each ingredient, you care for your skin and the earth.

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Create your Daily Escape

In every size and shape of tub or shower, a bath can be uplifting and renewing simply because of the soft scents and nourishing products you choose. Once you find the perfect water temperature, you can add relaxing scents or additional moisturizers. An easy way to show yourself some love.

  • Plant Based Oils

    We choose oils that come from plants like Olives, Coconuts & Avocados for easier decomposition

  • Earth and Plant Colored

    We get inspired by nature and craft our bars with Earth Clays, Plant Flowers and Plant Infusions

  • Essential Oil Scented

    We use Essential Oils to scent our Soap Bars for a grounding aromatherapeutic experience

  • Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

    Our ingredients are created on earth by plants and bees and brought together by humans